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Manufacturing & Repairs

ADVANTAGE Sulky is focused on helping horsemen, horse trainers and drivers succeed in the competitive industry of standardbred harness racing.

A well built, well designed race sulky will contribute to the performance and success of a horse in standardbred racing and for this reason, we have spent endless hours designing and testing a safe competitive sulky.

The ADVANTAGE sulky was originally designed and built in 1993 with wood shafts and was the first approved offset sulky tested by the U.S.T.A. The ADVANTAGE sulky over exceeded the test weight by 500 lbs. and passed all dimensional requirements.

The ADVANTAGE STR has passed testing by the U.S.T.A in March of 2011 and is U.S.T.A approved. Also available in JR size for a 54" pony

The ADVANTAGE TOMAHAWK has passed testing and is approved by HIPPOS for use in Europe as of January 2014. The TOMAHAWK has also passed testing and is approved by the U.S.T.A as of November 2014.

Also available in JR size for a 54" pony

The Advantage Tomahawk 1.3 has passed testing and is approved by HRA for use as on July 26 2017

The ADVANTAGE EZ RIDER is a jogger made from aluminum, has a foot bar, full apron and a coil suspension seat

The ADVANTAGE ARROW has passed testing and is approved by HIPPOS for use in Europe as of January 2014. 

Velocity, light weight race bike new 2019  available in JR and mini sizes 

Vader, available in reg, trotter (low lift), jr 

The ADVANTAGE CROSSOVER is a training jogger, made from aluminum, that is wider and shorter than a regular jogger.

ADVANTAGE MINI Carts for 34" 

The ADVANTAGE EASY ENTRY SINGLE AND DOUBLE SEAT JOGGERS - a comfortable jogger built to easily get on and off the seat. Also Wood shaft joggers 

Refer to the Image Gallery for additional pictures.


The ADVANTAGE sulkies are built with

  • Steel forks
  • Steel shafts
  • Mud fenders that are convenient to install and remove
  • All frames are steel construction and painted to your specific colours with a powder coated finish.

Looking for something different? We can do custom work to meet the needs of our customers. Give us a call and see if we can help you.

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