ADVANTAGE SULKY - Manufacturing & Repairs

Used and New Clearance stock priced to sell All prices are Canadian Dollar, Essex Ontario Location, Call 519-996-7598

Just in, Miniature Quick hitch harness. Biothane just like a full size race harness. back pads in black, yellow, red, blue, 2 min hitch in black, yellow,  red $250.00 complete

Just in, Miniature driving harness. Biothane just like a full size  harness. back pads in black, yellow, red, blue, 
 $250.00 complete


Mini Horse sleigh in stock.
54" shafts, red powder coat with black front and seat.
plastic runner wear strips
$1000.00 + HST

New Tomahawk  $2500.00
some scratches from shipping on shafts.  29-48-79  standard size
Carbon fiber disk wheels

 30-50-77 golden-lite off center very good wheels $150

New WEB wheels, Orange Gold color. look better in photos but the powder coat job on them is bad looking. $800.00 2.75" hub for UFO, Spyder 
Reg $1250.00

Full jogger aprons with screen front and bungee straps. available in water prof material Black, Blue, Red and Yellow $ 75.00 each

just in. Mini Open Bridles in blue, Red, or Yellow $60.00 with out bit

wheel bags  $50 each

New SS wheels  Clearance price 
$850.00 pr  + HST
2.75 hub
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