ADVANTAGE SULKY - Manufacturing & Repairs
3 styles of race wheels available:
  • Aluminum wheel with webbing  
no wheel discs required (model:  Web Wheel)
now Available in solid Hard Anodize finish  
  • 8-spoke aluminum wheel
with wheel discs (model: SS wheels)
Also Available in SS lite 

  • Carbon Fiber Disk wheel 
Aluminum Web wheels and SS  wheels are available in a 28" (standard size) and 26" or 24" (junior size) with either a 4¾", 4", 3" or 2¾" hub size.
WEB and SS models of 28" wheels are approved by HRA for use in Australia.
Here is a testing data of the SS and WEB wheels

Wheels for pony carts are also available.
We carry  Alum 20" wheels in Red, Black and blue

We can repair sulky and jogger wheels.
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